Structural Component Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of Fibermatrix Inc. Fibermatrix was founded by Edward Little to pursue opportunities in new-generation concrete. The exploration and refinement of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) began in April 2004 when Fibermatrix was asked by University of Nevada's Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research to repair a previously destroyed bridge column model using ECC, in preparation for a second round of destructive testing. It soon became apparent that while considerable research had been undertaken and numerous technical papers had been written, no packaged ECC materials were on the market nor were practical mix designs readily available. So they started from scratch and the newly developed materials exceeded all expectations as the columns withstood the maximum applied earthquake loads.

Fibermatrix is committed to commercialization of high ductility, high durability ECC-type concrete, producing specialty concretes known as Tensal Resilient Concrete and develop and market seismic ductility products using the new technology to enable rapid construction of earthquake resistant bridges and other structures. Fibermatrix is joined in its research efforts by University of Nevada Reno, Fyfe Companies, and Kuraray (Japan) with programs directed at infrastructure construction and repair that can benefit from ECC's superior tensile strength, ductility and durability.

The company’s first full-scale project is highly significant: a 3-span bridge overpass at Seattle’s new Alaskan Way Viaduct connecting a massive new tunnel to surface streets near Seattle’s stadiums. Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has specified Fibermatrix’s earthquake resistant concrete for the bridge columns to improve seismic performance and enhance durability for a life expectancy of 100 years.

Structural Component Systems was born in 2013 when the University of Nevada Reno asked Fibermatrix to build an entire prototype test SDD based on SMA rods and ECC concrete. SCS is pursuing a joint patent with UNR for the SDD technology using the test SDD and the SCS commercial product enhancements.

The SCS Team began looking for a way to commercialize the SDD concept. While the UNR SDD was a great proof of concept arrangement for confirming the seismic capacity of the materials and force separation concept, the UNR SDD did not lend itself to easy inspection or repair. The solution was to think outside the column. Almost every seismic control method is internal to the column and has the same inspection, maintenance and repair issues as a result. The “outside the column” approach gives the advantage of easy inspection, maintenance and repair.



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The SCS Team

Edward Little, Founder, CEO. Mr. Little has previously been founder and CEO of Surface Systems, the leading Nevada company specializing in structural concrete repair, technical coatings, waterproofing and water control. Ed has also served as a senior advisor to Gridstar, a renewable energy economics company. Ed also served as a VP and Board member of the Nevada World Trade Council. Ed attended Harvey Mudd College where he studied Physics, and California Polytechnic University where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Economics.

George Ghusn, Jr., MS, PE/SE, SECB, LEED AP, Director of Engineering. Mr. Ghusn is a Founder and the President of BJG Architecture and Engineering, a firm specializing in architecture, structural engineering, building design and layout for buildings of all uses. George holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.

D. Steven Fitz B.S., MBA, Operations. Mr Fitz currently holds General Contractor licenses in California and Nevada. He has designed and built many multi-million dollar industrial and commercial projects in PA, NY, MD, NV and CA. Mr. Fitz served as President, VP, CFO and CEO of many organizations, and currently serves as director of an international company that engineers and fabricates bridge, disc and elastomeric bearings.

Cecil McCumber, BA, Finance and Administration. For 35 years, Mr. McCumber has applied his business development and accounting skills to a number of industries, including medicine, construction and manufacturing . He specializes in program development, finance and implementation of new technologies.

Ross Blevins, Lab Mgr. Mr. Blevins is the founder of a number of companies which were successfully sold in the 80’s and 90’s. He retired from a successful career in financial services and wholesale insurance in 1999. He has devoted himself since then to business development activities focusing on risk management and quality control.


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