Frequently Asked Questions

Q. OK, so it’s a neat system. What exactly do you sell?

A. SCS sells the embed engineering and design, the embed materials , the farings and the ECC mix.

Q. Does the column have to be round?

A. The column can be round, square or rectangular .

Q. Our project is not located in a high seismic area. Can we still get the benefits of the remainder of the system?

A. The RAPID column system can use steel rods and regular grout or concrete to make a “Column Connection Device “(CCD) .In the CCD, the connection strength is matched to the column strength. See the NS sample design

Q. Other isolations systems provide more energy absorption that the SDD - why is the SDD better?

A. The SDD provides some hysteretic behavior which dissipates energy. However, the real advantage of the SDD is lengthening the period of the structure and accepting damage due to the induced displacement in an easily repairable module. Most of the time the bridge is not subjected to earthquake loads and the SDD behaves just like the rest of the column when not subjected to seismic moment. The SDD is less a seismic isolator and more a seismic fuse.

Q. How much time can we save in construction?

A. Assuming that the column(s) and pier caps(s) can be poured at the same time as the foundations, the time savings would be on the order of two or three months, conservatively .This is based on concrete curing time and assembly time for in-place forms and rebar.

Q. Are their any limits to the size and shape of the fairing?

A. Theoretically, there are no limits to the fairing size or style except that the fairing must provide a environmentally sealed space for the connection. The practical limit for the fairing is  allowing clearance for objects and traffic below the pier cap and managing the weight such that it can be removed by the desired or available equipment.

Q. How do I get more information?

A. Contact SCS staff via email - click here

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